About me

The greatest baseball card EVER!

I started collecting baseball cards when I was eight. It was 1974. I grew up in Southwest Michigan, about an hour from Comiskey Park. My Dad was a White Sox fan and took my brothers and I to one game each summer. It was there and then I discovered Dick Allen was about the coolest person in the universe. Nothing in the past 5 decades has changed my mind.

I’ll never forget the thrill of pulling off a blockbuster trade with my older brother for his stack of cards, I think it cost me a month of doing the dishes after dinner. I still have my banged up 1974 Topps Dick Allen card, it was priceless to me before Dick signed it last year. Not sure what the next step beyond priceless, but this card is in that category.

In the early days of the internet, I started a blog called Dick Allen Hall of Fame. Originally it was designed to share with the world my ever expanding collection of Dick Allen photos. At some point it became a creative outlet for all kinds of artistic projects, including custom baseball cards. During that process I got connected with and became friends with my baseball hero. I stopped posting regularly in 2013, when Dick asked me to launch and manage DickAllen15.com.

Dick sadly passed away in December of 2020. Because his web site and social media accounts reflected his thoughts and served as his voice to the general public, after announcing his death I decided there should be no more content under his brand.

Frequent Questions:

Why Millburg? Millburg is a tiny little “town” in Southwest Michigan. It has a gas station, a feed store and Chief’s Bar… an old school joint owned by one of my high school friends. Prior to the 2020 pandemic, I spent a lot of time there. I am looking forward to going back once all this is over.

Do you sell the cards? The short answer is “yes”, you can see what I have available here. Each one of my cards is hand-made and cut. It took me a while to figure out an acceptable method for producing cards. That process still developing.

Do you accept commissions or take requests? Definitely, please email me or send me a twitter DM if you have something in mind. I am always looking for new ideas for fun projects.

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