Project Archive

Some of the card projects I worked on before launching Millburg Trading Cards

Bad News Bears

I made this set in September of 2011 while I was working on my Dick Allen Hall of Fame blog. The entire set HERE.

Check out the entire set HERE

1974 All Star Game

Created this set in 2012 at Dick Allen Hall of Fame. I used the 1974 design, which is my favorite all time Topps year.

The project was broken down into 6 different sets:

AL Starters
AL Bench
AL Bullpen
NL Starters
NL Bench
NL Bullpen

Check out the entire set HERE

Familiar Faces Strange Places

These are some of the first custom cards I ever created at Dick Allen Hall of Fame. I have always been obsessed with well known players finding themselves in a different uniform. Once again, I primarily used the 1974 design.

College All Americans

I launched this series of DAHoF in 2011, as a way to show off my own baseball photography.

I plan on adding to this concept in the future, but you can see the originals here.