The Case for Dick Allen

I promise I will move onto different topics… but not yet. I need to get this off my chest.

Here is the “Hall of Fame Candidacy” package created by the Phillies and delivered by Mike Schmidt to the National Baseball Hall of Fame Golden Era Committee on Sunday. As you can tell, based on the data, Dick Allen should absolutely be a Hall of Famer.

Download the PDF version of the Phillies Package HERE

I want to commend the Phillies for “going to bat for one of their own”. At the same time I continue to be frustrated and bewildered by the lack of support from the Chicago White Sox. As a fan (and season ticket holder) I could not be more disappointed.

3 thoughts on “The Case for Dick Allen

  1. Jerry Reindorf should be ashamed of himself along with a few others Dick Allen more than deserved to be in the HOF …I am disappointed in the White Sox administration….Did they forget about how Dick Allen saved the franchise..Do they not remember 1972 thru 1974..??.Look at his stats ,his teammates of his era spoked very highly of him ,even the rookies of that era ..Jerry Reindorf I hope your negativity with Dick Allen haunts your career in baseball .

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