It’s been a while since I created a Dick Allen card.

This Saturday (June 19th) will mark the 44th anniversary of Dick Allen’s last game in Major League Baseball. Ironically the game was in the South Side of Chicago at old Comiskey Park, the site of many memorable Dick Allen moments. Sadly, Dick wasn’t wearing a #15 White Sox uniform… instead he was wearing a green and gold Oakland jersey with #60 and “WAMPUM” on the back.

After the first game of a double header (in which he got 2 hits off Sox starter Wilbur Wood) Dick was not in the starting lineup for the second game. In the top of the 7th inning of the second game, he was called on by recently installed manager Bobby Winkles as a pinch hitter for Tony Armas. White Sox pitcher Francisco Barrios struck him out to end the inning. Out of the game, Dick went to the locker room and took a shower.

Apparently this made Charlie Finley angry because held a press conference the next day… “I saw Dick Allen in the shower, in the sixth inning, and that’s all I wanted to see of Dick Allen,” said Finley, who suspended Allen for one week. “When he comes back he’ll ride the bench.”

Dick Allen never returned.