“Atta Boy Harper”

Don’t Poke the Bear!

Braves SS Orlando Arcia was reportedly mocking Harper in the clubhouse after Game 2 ended with Harper being caught in a double play started by the center fielder. Fox Sports said Arcia “cackled emphatically about Harper’s misfortune, bellowing “ha-ha, atta-boy, Harper,” repeatedly as reporters circled the room.”

Bryce Harper rounded second base after blasting a homer into the second deck, glared at him, and removed any room to wonder if he heard how Atlanta’s shortstop mocked him after Game 2.

Harper’s three-run homer put the Phillies ahead, 4-1, and highlighted a six-run rally in the third inning of Game 3 of the National League Division Series on Wednesday. He followed that up with a 414-foot solo homer to center field for a 7-1 lead in the fifth inning.